Photos! Photos! Photos!

Get Ready for a whole load of photos!  We want to capture as much of the fun as possible, well we’re not planning on doing it again!  So be prepared for the following:

Your Photos – Download Wedpics App

If you have a smart phone or even just a normal camera, don’t forget to upload your pictures straight to our Wedpics App!  To help you get even better pictures we’re putting selfie sticks on every table so make sure you grab one!

Go to wedpics>>
Wedding ID: SHIKKI

Official Photos – Rach Ashworth

Of course we will have an official photographer at our wedding.  Vikki’s Dad picked her so we’re sure it will be extra special.

Check out Rach on Facebook >>

Paparazzi Red Carpet Photos

We want to get a photo of everyone when they turn up, so make sure you are all dolled up and smile for the camera!  Don’t forget to add a comment in our guest book so we can add your photo next to it… once you’ve been photoshopped of course – we’re really giving you the celebrity treatment!

As if that’s not enough…

Photo Booth!


There’s a photobooth booked for the evening of the wedding.  We have a guestbook with it so please make sure we get some good ones 🙂 And add a nice message.


We didn’t want to miss any of the day so we thought it would be good to get a videographer too.  And I think that’s everything!!


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